courtesy of Sara Erb

Erb recommends soaking your chia seeds for at least eight hours. While they will begin to expand immediately, more time makes a big difference. Expect a gel-like texture.

¼ cup organic chia seeds
2 cups room-temperature water
Lemon or lime, to taste
Stevia or raw honey, to taste

In a quart-sized mason jar, mix the chia seeds and water. Close the jar tightly and shake for several minutes to begin the soaking process. Continue to shake it intermittently over the next hour and throughout the day. Leave the jarred mixture to soak in the refrigerator overnight, or for a minimum of eight hours. Flavor with citrus or sweetener to taste.

With the rise of Chia Star, first launched in 2012, Morris County– based wellness entrepreneur Sara Erb intends to popularize this tiny powerhouse closer to home with her line of chia-based drinks that merge fruit flavors like blackberry lime or peach green tea with chia-based hydration. A holistic nutritionist with a track record in the wellness space—she launched one of NJ’s first full-service organic grocers in the 1980s—Erb honed in on the seed just as medical journals began to extoll its benefits.


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