Fishermen in New Jersey harvest more surf clams and ocean quahogs (two types of clams that live in the sea instead of in shallow water) than are harvested in any other state. If you ever eat clam chowder, spaghetti with clam sauce, or fried clams, there’s a very good chance that the clams you are eating were harvested right here in New Jersey.

These sea clams are often harvested offshore in deep water. The clams are dredged up from the bottom of the ocean and packed into cages on the deck of the ship for the trip to shore.

New Jersey’s ocean waters are also home to many other shellfish, including blue crabs, mussels, scallops and oysters. The tide sometimes carries shells from deep in the ocean onto the shore, with or without the fish still living inside them. Have fun collecting these shells at the Jersey Shore this summer. Can you identify New Jersey’s shellfish?

Draw a line connecting the name of the shellfish to its picture.


Adapted from By the Sea: All About Fish and Fishing in New Jersey, developed and produced by New Jersey Department of Agriculture. jerseyseafood.nj.gov

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