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Edible Jersey tells the story of food, from source to table. Published bi-monthly (six times per year), we spotlight the growers, producers, retailers, artisans, chefs, home cooks, and others who energize our community with authentic, regionally-based food choices.

Why? Because we believe that an understanding and enjoyment of local foods provide the critical path to a healthier and more sustainable world.

In the country’s most densely populated state, buying local has become increasingly important. It allows us to safeguard our open, undeveloped land supply, support our local economy, protect the environment, eat healthier, and, simply, to savor food. Rather than being subjected to thousands of miles of transport, preservatives, and processing, local food is ripe, ready, and at its peak of natural flavor.

With engaging stories and enticing photography, Edible Jersey magazine and website hope to transform the way New Jersey residents shop for, cook, eat, and enjoy food.

We celebrate the state’s diverse culinary landscape, from urban to rural, mountain to shore. From a tenth generation family farm in Oldwick to a blueberry festival in Hammonton… from clamming in Cape May to the food co-ops springing up statewide… We introduce our food-literate, savvy readers to New Jersey’s colorful cuisine… and its heritage, tradition, culture, and challenges.

What does it mean for your business? As part of Edible Communities, a national network of regional publications, Edible Jersey offers advertisers an extremely valuable audience. Edible readers nationwide are identified as consumers that recognize and support local businesses.

We invite you to join us as we help readers taste the true flavor of our region — and better appreciate the value that comes from sitting down at the table together.



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